TrashWater inc.
Check out @vinniesart he’s an excellent artist and the man for drawing my favorite dinosaur, thanks dog
Vintage headwear
Lifelong hero and inspiration #PaulRobeson

7x - ChRoMeDoMe Paintings (including painted grenade ornament)
2x - Custom TW Hats
1x - SUS TV Longsleeve
1x - Tye-dye Robot Tshirt
1x - Blank Stretched Canvas

Check out the 1st Place Prize photo for how to win. Good luck!
 (at The Lab)

We’re giving away two über care packages to you guys because we love everyone and the continuing supportive energy you guys bring


7x - ChRoMeDoMe Original Paintings
3x - Custom Acid-washed Tshirts  
2x - Custom TW Bucket Hats
1x - SUS TV Acid-washed Longsleeve
1x - Tysiegs x Chrome Robot Shirt
1x - Trashwater Lampshade
1x - Painted Mushroom Ornament
1x - Blank Stretched Canvas


• Screenshot and share the giveaway photo 
• Create any of the following original work inspired by/mentioning Trashwater and post it on Instagram 
• Tag @trashwaterinc #trashwaterinc #trashwater #paintmob in both photos/video

Options for Creation:

MUSIC: vocals, drum solo, guitar riff, bass solo, beat or instrumental
ART: drawing, painting, graphic, photo, poem, haiku, vision
CLOTHING: create your own shirt design

Good Luck everyone! The contest ends on September 23rd and we’ll be shipping these two awesome packages to the winners 
#trashwatergiveaway #giveaway (at The Lab)
Latest shoot in the depths
@chrom3dom3 x @scardiesal
Saw this movie yesterday and was blown away. @murtzh work in progress of Groot is phenomenal. His character was such a powerful metaphor of life #iamgroot#drawing#saucy#groot
Thank you @linaburyak and @hannnova for the decorations
Sweet Darth Maul drawing from our boy @murtzh
Was so stoked to have Murtzh on the radio for an inspiring interview about the motivation and progression of his artwork. Thank you WPRB! (at WPRB)
Psychedelia visual brought to life by @walls_dancing this one’s on another level #psychadelic#souls #graphic#art#visionary#ghosts
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